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Need a Root Canal in Lehigh Acres?

If you need a root canal in the Lehigh Acres or Fort Myers area, you’ve come to the right place. Although the words “root canal” tend to inspire feelings of anxiety and fear in many patients, GranDental Center is here to set the record straight. The benefits of having a root canal done far outweigh the negative consequences of avoiding one. A root canal becomes necessary when a tooth becomes so infected that its nerves need to be removed in order to avoid a more painful abscess or bone loss in the jaw. Modern advances in dentistry have made root canals less painful than they were in the past. When successful, a root canal should make your pain go away and save your infected tooth from needing an extraction.

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What to Expect During a Root Canal

Many people have probably heard of a root canal, but probably fewer people actually know what’s involved in this type of common dental procedure. During the procedure, our dentist will numb the area around your infected tooth, so you experience little to no pain in most cases. Then they will drill into the infected tooth until an opening in its canal has been created. This opening allows them to remove any infected tissue (pulp) from your tooth. Once they’ve thoroughly cleaned the area of all infection, they’ll either fill the created hole with a sealant or cover it up using a fitted dental crown.

A dental crown is usually recommended to ensure the success of the procedure and to restore an aesthetic appearance. Some soreness is normal after the procedure, but over-the-counter painkillers or a prescribed pain medication from our dentist should help you feel better soon. Once the infection has been removed, you should notice less sensitivity to heat and cold or from biting too hard.

Contact Us to Schedule a Consultation

If you need a root canal done at our office in Lehigh Acres, GranDental Center’s team will discuss everything you should know about the procedure, including the local anesthesia that will be used and the recovery process you can expect afterward. We may need to take some digital x-rays to see if the infection has spread to any surrounding bone or tissue before determining the best treatment method to take. Please contact us with any questions or concerns you may have for us or to schedule an appointment for a consultation with our dentist.

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